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The most important thing to know is that this is your profession, and there is a place for you here. Sign up to receive updates that include opportunities to be a part of the conversation. 

Watch & Talk

Host a virtual gathering with friends and colleagues to watch a video summary  of the Unifying Framework for the Early Childhood Education Profession featuring all 15 Power to the Profession Task Force organizations, review the recommendations, and make a plan for action! 

Involve others

Join us as we build a future early childhood education profession where children birth through age 8 are well-served by an effective, diverse and fairly compensated workforce of professionals.

Help spread the word! Share the Unifying Framework with your networks and encourage them to consider some key questions:

  • What do these recommendations mean for early childhood educators in our community?  
  • What systems or structures will need to change, be built, or are already in place to support these recommendations?  
  • Who else in our community needs to know about the Unifying Framework?  
  • What are two next steps we can take to move this work forward?

Tell us what you think. Share your reflections via email.


Need more ideas for leading a conversation? 

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Download: The Early Childhood Education Profession within the Early Childhood Field graphic


More resources are on the way!




Voices from the Field

“When you advocate, you have to have a plan and must obtain the research to support your funding request. The framework gives us the plan that we can all get behind.”

Maria Victoria Calderon

Director, Children’s Learning Center

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Share your story! Join the movement to advance the early childhood education profession by contributing to the Voices from the Field project.

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Implementing the recommendations of the Unifying Framework will take all of us.

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